Unitarian Universalist Society builds eco friendly church

Unitarian Universalist Society's sanctuary seats 275 people

From its tall windows to the LED lighting Reverend Steven Protzman believe the new Unitarian Universalist Society in Coralville is one with nature.

"It's light. It's airy which is everything we'd hoped for in a space that's inspiring. Nature is right there, “explains Protzman.

“I've been joking that I may be standing in front of that stonewall which I will be at the stonewall preaching and I may point out the window and go hey there's deer."

The building also runs on electricity with a net-zero-energy plan. The property also features bio retractable bins and is constructed of sustainable materials.

"One of the highest values we have is accessibility making our spaces inclusive for everyone. The old building was on multiple levels lots of steps an elevator that was temperamental."

"We really wanted the space to be uplifting,” says architect Matt Krieger. Krieger is a part of Iowa City’s Neumann Monson Architects.

“Which is why the roof slopes upward and elevates to the peak in the corner."

Sitting on 8 acres of land the building features seven religious classrooms and six offices.

"The building is run off of Geo thermal heat pump system and there's a well field out on the ground to fuel that and it’s an all-electric building that will be powered by solar pvt rays."

Reverend Protzman hopes the new building inspires others to change the world.

"The beauty of the place I hope will touch hearts. The message they hear. I hope it will change people lives and in turn when their lives are changed I hope they will be out there changing the world as well."

In the future the church plans to add an accessible raised bed garden next to the building, a memorial garden, and a butterfly garden. The church also would also like to rent out the building to host weddings.

The Unitarian Universalist Society will have an open house for the community to tour October 29th from 2 - 5 pm.

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