UI Airport shuttle is latest effort to meet student needs

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University of Iowa Student Government says its always looking for ways to improve life on and off campus and it leads them to launch some services you might not expect.

“We are at the grass roots level, we know what issues students are facing," says UISG President Jacob Simpson.

The latest effort is a new shuttle service to the Eastern Iowa Airport.

“All that they will need will be the ability to sign up on the form that we've created and have their student ID on them,” says UISG Student Services Director, Kyle Sheer.

The free service operates during academic breaks, helping students get home during peak travel times.

The shuttle service will start over the fall break running from November 17th to November 26th with several rides throughout the day.

Sheer says the service will be particularly good for international students who fly more frequently but it will help any under graduate avoid expensive rides from popular ride hailing services like Uber and Lyft.

“They do surge pricing because they know students are going to want that ride and there’s a lot higher demand during that time,” says Sheer.

A detailed schedule of shuttle dates and times can be found online along with the ride registration form.

Beyond travel, UISG is working to meet student’s most basic needs.

“Among the talk about higher education in the nation it’s becoming clear that students are struggling to pay for food and at the University of Iowa we have found that to be the case as well,” says Simpson.

Two Years ago USIG established a campus food pantry for students and staff in need.

Now they are serving a growing number of people and are looking to expand from their Iowa Memorial Union location.

“We are considering expanding to locations on the west side perhaps in one of the cultural resource centers or any other location that will host us," Simpson says.

They believe the roll they play is to keep students fed so that they can continue to succeed in the classroom.

UISG already has a lot on their plate when is comes to serving students but now they are working to launch a totally new initiative helping students dress for success.

The student clothing bank is aimed at providing students in need with dress clothes free of charge.

“As a student at the University you're expected to dress up and look nice for so many different things whether it's interviews, your on campus job, student orgs, class presentations,” says Akash Bhalerao, USIG Senator.

They are still working out the details on how to organize and fund the initiative but so far all university partners are on board.

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