Two churches come together for one message

Two Cedar Rapids Pastors discuss churches merging together

This past April three corridor churches came together to celebrate Easter.

"The response was amazing after that easter service I think people knew that it was something bigger than one gathering together. I think there was a feeling of why can't we do this on a regular basis?" explains Pastor Daniel Winn of Cedar Rapids Family Church.

In 2018, the Oakhill Jackson Community Church and Cedar Rapids Family Church will be one congregation.

"I think people are wondering how will this work? How will we merge the two cultures? I don't want to give up the gospel music, but people are excited," said Pastor Rod Dooley of Oakhill Jackson Community Church.

Members of both churches are excited. "Oh my gosh about time," said longtime Cedar Rapids Family Church member Melissa Murray.

The pastors have been friends for 15 years, and their churches have worshipped together over the years. The two pastors will call its new congregation "New City Church'.

"In the scripture, it says that Jesus came so people could have life and have it more abundantly.," said Pastor Dooley.

"What we're trying to bring about here in New City is people experiencing the newness of life.'

"When you really have two different groups of people with the same belief system where you can just foster that family idea that we both have I think is just amazing," says Murray.

However, the pastors believe merging two different groups of people is essential especially since the topic about race is a hot topic of conversation in the country.

"With all the division going on and the church cannot sit silent on this issue. The church needs to lead the way, and so the church coming together showing that unity is possible," said Pastor Dooley.

"We're encouraged in the bible to make every effort to keep the unity of the spirit," explains Pastor Winn. Oakhill Jackson Community church member is excited about the merge.

"It feels good. We have two pastors that are passionate and compassionate men and men of integrity."

The pastors say it's their job to bring people together through the gospel, two churches with one message.

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