To see or not to see the shadow, that is the question?

Shadow or no shadow?

Every February 2nd, thousands of people gather in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania to await the spring forecast from everyone's favorite, or maybe not so favorite furry groundhog, Punxsutawney Phil.

Phil will emerge from his tree trunk home looking for his shadow which will determine his much anticipated spring forecast.

If Phil see's his shadow, the legend says we will endure six more long weeks of winter. If he does not, an early spring is in the cards as winter will be nearing its end.

His track record spans 131 years in which 103 of those he saw his shadow with just 18 years in which he did not. There were no records available for 10 years.

Comparing what Phil saw vs what occurred the following six weeks, Phil's prediction has been correct just 39% of the time over those 131 years. However, he has been better the last 30 years with his prediction correct 47% of the time. Perhaps his experience is paying off.

So what will it be on Friday? Six more weeks of winter or an early spring?

If Phil were here in Iowa, there is a good chance he will see his shadow. High pressure is building in which will lead to clear skies and cold temperatures early Friday morning.

Seeing his shadow would mean six more long weeks of winter and looking ahead over at least the next couple of weeks, Phil just might be right on.

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