Tiffin residents mistakenly receive Iowa City "vote yes" bond flyers

Both the Clear Creek Amana and Iowa City School Districts have bond referendums up for a vote on September 12.

It all started with a flyer that came in the mail - urging Tiffin residents to vote yes on the school districts upcoming bond vote.

But there was a bit of a mix-up.

"Iowa city’s ‘vote yes’ committee, their propaganda, actually ended up getting mailed out to Tiffin residents," said Steve Swenka, President of Clear Creek Amana School.

Residents were shocked to see the flyer listed a nearly $200 million bond measure.

"When I started getting phone calls of Tiffin residents ask why we were asking for such a large amount of moneythe gravity kind of hit me that 'Oh no, this is going to create a lot of confusion within our district’," said Swenka.

Tiffin residents are a part of the Clear Creek Amana School District.

They currently have a nearly $36 million bond measure, which school leaders say is the bare minimum to fund the growing district for the next five years.

“The projects involvedwould be another new elementary, which would be at this same site here in Tiffin, an addition to the high school, then we've also got security projects at the elementary [schools] and just controlling our access to the buildings,” said district superintendent Tim Kuehl.

School board members hope this mix-up will not cloud judgement for the upcoming vote on September 12.

"We're trying to show that our schools are becoming overcrowded, and we're just doing a good job of trying to educate our residents as to the need of the community," said Swenka.

The district needs a 60 percent vote on the bond referendum to get it passed.

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