Storms possible later tonight, some could be strong

Thunderstorms possible in northeast Iowa tonight. Some could be strong.

It was a warm and humid Saturday across eastern Iowa as temperatures climbed into the 80s and dew points surged into the 70s. The combination of the heat and moisture has led to a lot of instability in the atmosphere.

A cold front will be approaching and eventually sweeping across the area later tonight which could produce some showers and thunderstorms.

The question is, will the cap hold or break? The cap is a layer of warm air aloft that suppresses thunderstorms and keeps them from developing. The better chance to see thunderstorms is in Wisconsin, but how far west into Iowa will they develop and will the cap hold? One model we look at has the cap breaking and storms developing mainly east of I-380 late this evening.

If the storms do develop, and with the amount of instability and moisture some of them could become strong. The Storm Prediction Center has a "slight risk" (yellow) for the potential of a few strong to severe storms with hail and gusty winds the main threats.

The Weather First Team will continue to monitor and provide updates through the night.

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