VIDEO: Storms cause damage to homes in Bondurant, Iowa

Footage of a tornado hitting homes in Bondurant. (courtesy TJ Phillips)

Several homes in Bondurant were destroyed by severe storms Thursday afternoon.

Fire Chief Aaron Kreuder says several other homes in the city just northeast of Des Moines have significant damage but appear to be repairable.

The roof of one home has been torn completely off the home, while several others are missing chunks of roofing. Another home has damage from an RV flipped against it.

Polk County Emergency Services are available at Bondurant Community Center for victims of the storm until further notice.

There are reports of tornadic activity in the area, and several funnel clouds were spotted between Bondurant and Altoona.

Minor injuries were reported but nothing requiring emergency transportation to the hospital.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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