State Senator Bolkcom proposes legalizing marijuana

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    A state senator from Iowa City announced he will propose legislation that would legalize and regulate recreational marijuana.

    State Sen. Joe Bolkcom, D-Iowa City, introduced his Ending Iowa Marijuana Prohibition bill in a press conference on Monday.

    Under the proposal, marijuana would be regulated and taxed like alcohol and could only be purchased by adults 21 and over.

    “The 80 million Americans living in the states that already regulate marijuana like alcohol live just like we do here in Iowa,” Bolkcom said in a release. “The only difference is that adults in those states can legally purchase and consume marijuana, a product that is less addictive and lethal than alcohol.”

    Bolkcom pointed out that border states Minnesota and Illinois are moving toward legal marijuana, and Iowa could leave jobs and tax dollars on the table if they don't follow suit.

    Bolkcom hopes to have the legislation drafted and debated within the next couple of weeks, but acknowledged the bill is likely not to advance as long as the state legislature is controlled by Republicans.

    Currently in Iowa, medical marijuana is available in the form of cannabidiol to patients with certain medical conditions.

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