Several car break-ins occur in NE Cedar Rapids neighborhood

    The Cedar Rapids Police Department says they believe someone is walking up to doors and checking if they're unlocked by testing the door handles.

    The Cedar Rapids Police Department is warning residents in neighborhoods in Northeast Cedar Rapids about recent car break-ins.

    Authorities says burglars broke into at least nine cars in the Kenwood Park Neighborhood last Tuesday night, by checking cars one by one to see if they're open. The police department received calls from a few of those victims.

    "Basically everything was thrown out of the glove box and center console," said Dan Begley.

    Begley's car is just one of several broken into in the Kenwood Park Neighborhood area on the night of September 11th.

    "They took some loose change and some loose dollar bills from the center console, but nothing of a big amount," said Begley.

    What the thieves didn't take are the tools he keeps in the back of his truck.

    "They just looked over even though they were worth more than anything else in the truck," said Begley.

    Begley says his vehicle was locked, but authorities say a majority of the reports taken happened over a single night and showed vehicles were left unlocked.

    "People could get in their car in the morning and easily tell that someone was in there looking for stuff," said Lieutenant Cory McGarvey with the Cedar Rapids Police Department.

    The department is urging drivers to avoid leaving items in plain view or in the back of truck beds.

    "Get your car in the garage, lock up your garage, and then lock up your car and take your keys with you inside," said Lieutenant McGarvey.

    For people who don't have a garage, the department says taking your belongings out and staying alert should help.

    "Please look out for your neighbor, please look out for one another," said Lieutenant McGarvey.

    Lieutenant McGarvey says it's important for people to continue reporting any break-ins to help with the investigation by calling the Cedar Rapids Police Department.

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