Sen. Ernst sounds off on net neutrality, Franken resignation announcement

Sen. Joni Ernst responds to questions about net neutrality, Sen. Franken's resignation, and more.

Amid resignation announcements and protests surrounding the internet, Sen. Joni Ernst offered her take Thursday afternoon on a plethora of issues.

Ernst showed strong support for Franken's decision to abandon his position in the weeks to come, saying "he did the right thing."

"It doesn't matter if you're a citizen in your hometown or if you are a senator who has gone through this or has been part of an allegation. We have to discuss it," said Ernst in reference to sexual misconduct and the recent surge of allegations and admissions. "I'm glad that Senator Franken decided to step aside."

On net neutrality, Ernst said she support FCC Chairman Ajit Pai's plan to dismantle current regulations, but is hopeful the discussion continues.

"I am excited about the opportunity we have to continue the discussion and make sure that whatever reforms we're enacting as Congress make sense not only for all of our citizens in Iowa, but also for the innovation we desire to see in the Internet," said Ernst.

Ernst also discussed her efforts to improve health care for veterans and the Renewable Fuel Standard, which ramps up the use of renewable fuels in transport fuels while lowering greenhouse gas emissions.

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