Sadbags2Handbags pays African Women Empowered $11,000


    Mount Mercy's Enactus student group started a project last fall to help clean up the community and provide assistance to an organization affected by flooding in Cedar Rapids.

    The group took over 2000 sandbags that were untouched by the flood waters with the idea to turn them into handbags.

    The idea became a reality late in 2016 when the Enactus group partnered with African Women Empowered from St. Mark's Methodist Church in Cedar Rapids.

    Enactus cleaned and prepared the bags, while the group African Women Empowered used their sewing skills to put handles on the bags.

    The idea took off right around the holidays, and to date the group has sold over 700 handbags made from old sandbags.

    On Friday, Enactus provided the African Women Empowered group with a check for over $11,000 for the work they did with the project, all of which will go to the women who helped create the bags.

    Enactus is looking to use the rest of their profits from the project to help a Cedar Rapids non-profit group that was affected by either the flood of 2008 or 2016.

    The project is far from complete, however, as the group tells CBS 2 and Fox 28 news that they have around 300 bags that are made and ready to be sold to any interested business, and the materials to make many more bags if the demand arises.

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