Roundabout at Hoover Elementary nearing completion

Construction on the 500 million dollar project is set to get done by August 23rd, the start of school.

The city of Cedar Rapids is nearing completion of their $5 million project to complete a roundabout across from Hoover Elementary. Officials say everything will be done on time for the August 23rd school start.

"The day school got out we started taking the roadway out and it took pretty much all of that time to get it done," Doug Wilson the Program Manager for Pavement For Progress said.

A major focus for project was safety. including the lane reduction on Johnson avenue from four to three lanes in hopes of decreasing speeds. $500,000 of that project was covered through a state grant.

"Roundabouts help move traffic and actually improve pedestrian safety because you have a lot shorter distances to cross and it slows people down quite a bit," Wilson said.

Sarah Weibel has two kids who will regularly cross the new roundabout and the reason she is not convinced is the way they'd have to cross.

"Last year we had the stop light so when people would stop we could cross and cross with the light," Weibel said. "This year we are not going to have that, I am supposed to stop a button and they are all supposed to yield to me."

The city however hopeful that time will let people see the benefits of their new roundabout.

"I think that as people get used to them we hope they agree with us that it's a good change from a signalized intersection," Wilson said.

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