Roundabout added to 16th Avenue SE

The roundabout will sit outside of St. St. Wenceslaus Church

Later this week the City of Cedar Rapids will extend 16th Avenue SE and add a single lane roundabout.

The roundabout will sit in front St. Wenceslaus Church and behind the Geonetric building.

The City says the church has worked the city for several years about minimizing traffic from Sunday services.

The city also believes this project will not only decrease traffic but beautify the area.

"It's going to be a catalyst for development in that area so we're very excited about that. There's a lot of other elements to that there's going to be street scaping, street lighting that's going to be a part of it. The roundabout is just one part of the project," said The Cedar Rapids Traffic Divison Engineer John Witt.

The new area will also include new pavement, sidewalks, pedestrian lighting, a biking lane, sanitary sewer, and water main.

The project will start Tuesday. It should be completed by Spring 2018.

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