Residents scared to bring children back to fireworks after Tuesday fights

Some residents said they are worried to bring their children back to Ellis Harbor for their 4th of July fireworks display after fights broke out during the event on Tuesday.

Cedar rapids police are investigating a series of fights that broke out during Tuesday night's fireworks show at Ellis Harbor.

Some families who attended the show, said they are shaken after seeing the violence.

"After last night, I don't feel safe," said Trudi Sherbon. "I don't want to bring my kids."

Trudi's family is still reeling after Tuesday night.

"The kids were crying and adults were trying to make sure the kids feel safe."

Trudi and Abigail said the fights made them leave before the fireworks even started.

"We have never in our entire time we've gone ever had anything like that before," said Trudi.

Police took three juveniles into custody for disorderly conduct and one for assaulting an officer after a fight near the Ellis pool.

"It was scary," said Trudi.

People in the area said the problems continued after the fireworks with up to 40 people getting in several fights including a mob at the nearby Casey General Store on Ellis Boulevard and O Avenue.

"A friend of mine has two little girls who were very young and they witnessed all of it go down," said resident Lindsey Klein.

Lindsey said she did not take her children to the fireworks because she worried something like this would happen.

"We kind of had that gut feeling, we knew it wouldn't turn out good," said Lindsey.

She said last year's fireworks show on the harbor was chaotic too, but nothing like this.

"It's literally just a big huge area where anyone can come and go, there's nothing closed off really," said Lindsey.

"If their isn't better precautions for stuff like this, then I won't put my kids involved that. I won't go," said Trudi.

A CRPD spokesperson tells CBS 2 news they are reviewing video surveillance and other evidence to determine what caused the fight at Casey's.

The chain is not commenting on the incident at the moment.

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