Report finds ex-director of Iowa agency sexually harassed employees

    The former director of the Iowa Finance Authority engaged in "egregious" conduct against his employees, including sexual harassment, prior to his termination in March, according to the findings detailed in a report released Thursday.

    The 32-page report commissioned by the Weinhardt Law Firm in Des Moines concluded that former executive director Dave Jamison sexually harassed at least three employees while working at the Iowa Finance Authority. The identities of the victims were protected in the report.

    Dave Jamison was fired from his position of executive director of the agency in March, after a witness came forward to Governor Kim Reynolds' chief of staff detailing instances in which Jamison allegedly sexually harassed her at the state agency where they both worked. Reynolds swiftly fired Jamison from his post and in late April, announced there would be an independent investigation into the alleged conduct, the findings of which were released Thursday.

    The report confirmed details made public in April when at a victim's request, Reynolds released a redacted copy of a graphic letter detailing Jamison's behavior, including explicit talk of sex during work and asking the victim to come to his hotel room during work travel.

    “The report confirms that he committed sexual harassment and that we made the correct decision to immediately terminate him," Reynolds said in a statement following the release of the report.

    Jamison engaged in similar more "egregious" conduct than the claims made in the letter, the report found.

    In a 2016 incident, Jamison "intentionally, without consent, and in a public place" grabbed one victim's breasts, the report said. The incident was confirmed by multiple witnesses.

    The investigation also found Jamison watched a pornographic video alongside a victim while the two were driving to a work event.

    Investigators at the helm of the report said they conducted 29 interviews over the course of their fact-finding. These individuals were present and former employees of the Iowa Finance Authority, witnesses not employed by the state, and "high-level decision makers", including Governor Kim Reynolds, the report said. Investigators collected and reviewed a variety of documents, including personnel files, expense and travel records and email communications.

    The document makes clear that Jamison "categorically denies" any wrongdoing.

    "His position is that the events described by Witness 1 and Witness 2 are simply false," the report details. But investigators say his denials are not credible.

    Investigators said knowledge of his behavior was limited to the agency, not known "anywhere in state government outside of the IFA."

    I never witnessed or experienced anything like what is described in the report. Had I known, I would have fired him a long time ago. There is no excuse for this kind of behavior," Reynolds said in a statement, acknowledging their friendship dating back 20 years when they were both county treasurers.

    WARNING: The report contains sexually explicit content.

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