Rep. Rod Blum explores DuRide for an afternoon

    Rep. Rod Blum explores DuRide for an afternoon.

    Politics means plenty of greetings.

    For Iowa’s First District Representative Rod Blum, it also means playing Chauffeur for a few hours.

    “I’m slow but trainable,” says Blum, on the way to his first pick up.

    This afternoon, Blum is driving for DuRide, a non-profit organization, 172 volunteer drivers strong, driving 274 people who can’t drive themselves around Dubuque.

    “Oh my gosh, he’s a veteran too,” says Blum, picking up his first passenger. “Doesn’t get any better.”

    The first stop is Curly.

    “Where did you work at, Curly,” asked Blum from the front seat.

    “Oh, I worked 28 years at H & W,” said Curly.

    At 90 years old, Curly needs regular therapy to stay healthy but driving is out of the question.

    “Well, I’d just depend on my friends and a lot of the time, they’re busy and they can’t do it,” said Curly.

    Blum knows the feeling.

    Before his mother died, he had to take her keys away because it wasn’t safe for her to be on the road anymore.

    “That was her lifeline,” said Blum. “If she couldn’t leave that house on her own, she was just devastated. We didn’t know about DuRide then. That would have been wonderful, we absolutely would have used it because she would have had her independence back.”

    Riders must be 65 years old or older. DuRide gives 25 to 50 rides per day, coming out to about 1,100 rides per month

    If you'd like to get involved, head here for more info.

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