Recycling gets a refresh in two Johnson Co. communities

A resident recycles at the new Coralville drop-off site. (CBS2/FOX28)

The city of Coralville is now operating a recycling drop-off at 950 Hughes Street.

The new site is open 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

"The more convenience you can offer the more people that will use it,” says Ellen Habel, Assistant City Administrator for Coralville “In the times that I've been up here it seems like people are taking advantage of it," she adds.

The former Recycling Center on East 7th Street has closed permanently.

Habel says the old center will likely be torn down within the next month to make room for a new development In the Iowa River Landing area.

The new drop site does not change items that are being collected.

The City says the following items are recyclable at home in your curbside container and at the Drop-Off Recycling Center:

Paper: chipboard, envelopes (remove plastic windows), junk mail, magazines, newspaper, newsprint, paper, phone books

Plastic: containers #1 through #5, #7, juice bottles, milk jugs, soda/pop bottles

Aluminum and Tin: food cans, aluminum foil

Corrugated Cardboard

Sorting is simple just drop corrugated cardboard in one bin and all other recyclable materials in another bin.

In Iowa City they are now making resident’s curb-side recycling easier with single stream collection.

This means that all recyclable items can be put into collection bins without being sorted.

The city hopes the change will encourage people to recycle more.

"Other communities that have switched to single stream have actually seen increased participation because it is an easier program," says Jane Wilch, Recycling Coordinator for Iowa City.

The change in collection does not change what you can put out for pick-up.

Wilch reminds residents to still use their blue bins but do not put glass or plastic bags in them.

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