Recharging your ride

Recharging your ride

James Dierickx is passionate about electric cars and now he’s working to overcome some of their limiting factors.

“Give electric vehicles the freedom to charge anywhere and everywhere without having to rely on the limited number of stationary charging stations there are in eastern Iowa,” says Dierickx.

His solution is the Me2 L Loop; it charges up each night with his car but the energy is stored in a battery bank separate from the factory issued batteries.

It allows him to recharge his car while parked even if he can’t get to a stationary charging station.

Dierickx is also an entrepreneur, splitting his time between a workspace near Newbo in Cedar Rapids and his workshop in Lowden almost an hour away.

With a fully electric Ford Focus that only gets about 50 miles per charge his commute can be a challenge.

“I wouldn't have the range with this electric vehicle to even go to Newbo without my range extender, so basically for this size car we can double the range of the car,” he says.

Years of work has gone into the project and he is constantly making new adjustments but he is confident that his work will catch on.

“This technology here and this system is going to change the whole way that electric vehicles take off throughout the country,” says Dierickx.

He plans to sell the ME2 L Loop as a kit to be installed by a professional mechanic.

There are even some final touches that will extend the range of all electric cars while also opening them up to a wider range of charging options.

“When it goes to market in the first kits that will be sold will have a 50-amp plug-in as well, it will have a retractable cable that will plug in any RV receptacle.

he hopes each new advance will put more electric rides on the road.

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