RAW VIDEO: Gov. Branstad talks about his relationship with Chinese President Xi Jinping

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Iowa Governor Terry Branstad talks to Iowa In Focus Host Kevin Barry about Branstad's 30 year relationship with Chinese President Xi Jinping after an interview in December 2015. Branstad had just become the longest-serving Governor in United States history, and talked to CBS2/FOX28 about his time in office and issues pertinent to the upcoming legislative session. After the interview was over, Governor Branstad showed our crew around his office, looking at pictures with the Chinese leader and showing off gifts Branstad had received.

"It's unbelievable when the President of the biggest country in the world calls you an old friend and we have a relationship that goes back to 1985, 30 years. We have different cultures and different political systems but we really have a true friendship and trust," said Branstad of his relationship with President Xi Jinping. "That's great and that can help our two countries as well. China buys more soybeans than the rest of the world and they have purchased Smithfield Foods because they want a safe, reliable supply of pork."

"I think if we can build that personal relationship and we have that trade, we can reduce tensions between our two countries," Branstad continues. "I know there are issues like National Security and intellectual property and when people ask me about that, I say that's a federal responsibility. When they were here last year, they bought $5.3 Billion worth of soybeans, so that's important to my state.

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