Police: Speeding has increased on I-380 since speed cameras stopped issuing tickets

File photo of a traffic camera. (CBS2/FOX28)

The Cedar Rapids Police Department says that speeding along the I-380 S-Curve has increased since speed cameras stopped issuing tickets earlier this month.

CRPD compared speeds captured on the traffic cameras at I-380 northbound at Diagonal Drive, I-380 northbound and southbound at J Avenue NE, and I-380 southbound at 1st Avenue West, between the week of April 23-April 29 (one full week prior to the announcement that speeding citations on I-380 were suspended) and May 7-May 13 (first full week after announcement that speed citations on I-380 were no longer being issued).

Police found that the number of vehicles that are speeding at 67 miles per hour or greater increased by 79 percent, rising from 11,250 vehicles to 20,133 vehicles. At three camera locations, drivers violating the speed limit between 56-66 miles per hour increased their speed by one mile per hour. For drivers speeding over 67 miles per hour, their speed increased by one mile per hour on average at three camera locations. The average speed of drivers at the I-380 SB at 1st Avenue location stayed the same for drivers speeding between 55-66 miles per hour, and actually decreased for drivers in the 67 miles per hour range.

The top speed at each camera location also increased from a range of 81-96 miles per hour to 92-102 miles per hour once speeding tickets stopped getting issued.

The traffic cameras stopped issuing tickets to speeding vehicles after a judge ruled that the Iowa DOT had the power to remove them. The City of Cedar Rapids has appealed that ruling.

You can see of the full breakdown of the speeding increases below:

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