Parts of Iowa digging out from record April snow

Iowa snow depth as of Thursday night April 19, 2018.

We promise this will be the last time we talk about snow hopefully until next winter.

Iowa is digging out of this latest round of April snow. Earlier this week, a powerful storm laid out a swath of heavy snow which blanketed the northern part of the state with reports of a foot or more where Stacyville in Mitchell county checked in with 12.8".

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Snow in April is not that unusual as spring is a transitional season. It's the frequency which is rare as there has been measurable snow in the Cedar Rapids area six days this month. In fact, the latest Cedar Rapids has seen at least one inch of snow was April 30, 1994.

Eastern Iowa has certainly had its fill of snow this month, but nothing rivals the April of 1973 which still stands in many cities as the snowiest on record.

In Cedar Rapids, snowfall records date back to the early 1890's, and this April will go down as the eighth snowiest on record. The latest round of snow put Waterloo in the record books as the snowiest April surpassing that of 1973.

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Now, it's on to spring. Finally!

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