Newbo Music Festival Generates Buzz

    CEDAR RAPIDS, IA (CBS 2/FOX 28)--There's a lot of buzz around a huge music event coming to Cedar Rapids in August.

    KRNA, The National, and Newbo City Market are hosting the Newbo Music Festival.

    The Newbo community has wanted to create a big music festival on their lawn for a few years but they didn't have the perfect sponsors to help make that happen until now.

    "The National is a venue that's going to be located in the old Chrome Horse building," New Bohemian Group President, Steve Shriver said.

    The New Bohemian District has held small music festivals, including the Newbo Arts Festival, since 2003.

    But there was still something missing: a venue that could house national acts, well-known musicians and provide a place for people to enjoy some music, in many different ways.

    "I think it'll be intimate and then they'll open the place up and it'll be large and family-friendly," Shriver said.

    Formerly known as 'Third Street Live,' The National is one of the sponsors of the Newbo Music Festival which will take place on August 8th, along with KRNA, and includes a lineup featuring Young the Giant and Allen Stone.

    "There's definitely be a buzz," Newbo City Market Marketing and Programming Manager Daysha Lichty said.

    On Monday, organizers posted the event on Facebook, and the crowds went wild.

    "Within the first couple of hours, it jumped from 0 to 500 and then I checked it again in another hour and it had already jumped to 800," Lichty said.

    From ticket sales to the festival's lineup, concert-goers won't be the only ones packed in this square block, local business owners in the area will also be taking part in this summer's big event.

    "We're just super excited," Bill Rieckhoff said, owner of Great American Popcorn Company. "We'll be selling at the event and helping in the VIP area."

    So not only will thousands of music lovers be listening to live music and turning up the volume in the district, but it'll also put money back into the community, as well as create a space where many can 'rock the block.'

    "It's going to bring thousands of people down here, which we'll thrive on," Shriver said. Shriver owns Brewhemia too. "It's a great way to launch the brand-The National, starting with a big festival like this."

    The National will open later this year. Organizers said they'll block off 3rd Street SE between 11th and 12th Avenues, which means there could easily be close to 5,000 people in a square block.

    They've already sold nearly 500 tickets, including pre-sales from yesterday, and those numbers will just keep going up. They have already sold more tickets than organizers said they had expected in one day.

    For more information, including the lineup and to buy tickets, click on this link: Newbo Musical Festival

    KRNA told CBS 2/FOX 28 ticket prices will go up on the day of the show but they don't know how much.

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