NewBo City Market celebrates hatching small businesses

Maggie's Farm Wood-Fire Pizza is just one of the small businesses to hatch out of the Newbo City Market incubator and take off for a bricks and mortar space

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (CBS2/FOX28) – NewBo City Market is ready to blow the roof off the place or at least make some noise to celebrate its fifth anniversary. A sign of hope and an economic engine after the devastating flood of 2008, it continues to be the most visited attraction in town. A fundraiser and party is planned for Saturday evening where Executive Director Scott Kruger says they’ll celebrate not only the small businesses that currently operate in the market, but also those who have hatched out of the incubator and taken off for bigger spaces, “ Probably 20-percent of the businesses here have moved up and out. It’s absolutely within our mission and it’s really great to see the multiplier effect of everything that happens here locally, spread out into Eastern Iowa, Johnson County, Linn County and all places in between.”

Over the five years several small businesses have grown out of their booths at NewBo City Market, including That One Cup Cake Place, Great American Popcorn Company, Bark and Bloom’s Moss and Maggie’s Farm Wood-Fire Pizza. Maggie’s Co-owner Jerry Zimmermann just made the jump out of NewBo to a beautiful new restaurant space on Melrose in Iowa City about a block from Kinnick Stadium. He says the experience at the market gave them the chance to perfect their dough and crust and fresh ingredients and experiment with oak and hickory wood to fire up just the right temperature for their oven.

He says it also gave them time to find the kind of staff that fits with the “ Love it like we do,” motto at Maggie’s, “ There’s not a chance in hell that we would be here now if it wasn’t for NewBo. We developed a really nice following up there, we knew the product could sell because we had been at the farmers market as an outgrowth of NewBo, but the incubator was hugely important to us and hugely important to other people at NewBo.”

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