NewBo City Market celebrates five years of growing businesses

NewBo City Market, a non-profit currently home to 28 start-up businesses, is holding a 5th Birthday fundraiser this Saturday at 7 p.m. (CBS2/FOX28)

Paul Andreasen serves up gourmet burgers in a 3,000 square foot brick and mortar restaurant - a space that he couldn’t have dreamed of until NewBo City Market gave him an opportunity to develop his business in 2014.

"They gave us the ability to get our name recognized, put us in front of customers and then build our model and atmosphere where we did not have to over-commit financially," said Andreasen.

Paul’s restaurant, Saucy Focaccia, is one of the businesses that was able to test its concept in a smaller location at NewBo City Market.

"They come in with an idea," said Scott Kruger, executive director at NewBo City Market. "They don’t have to have an airtight business plan - this is a place to learn and evolve and grow."

In the past five years since the market’s creation, NewBo City Market has brought customers to new businesses, and community members back into the New Bohemia area. It is part of its original mission to rebuild the Cedar Rapids community in response to the floods of 2008.

"NewBo was created by a group of of community leaders and volunteers that said we needed a dynamic public space to bring people back to the district," said Kruger.

With 28 shops, and even more to come, NewBo City Market continues to be place of growth, and resilience.

This Saturday, NewBo City Market is hosting its fifth year birthday event with special food, local bands, and lots of dancing. The proceeds of the tickets will help support the non-profit's mission to continue to grow local businesses. For tickets, visit this website:

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