NewBo burglar busts through a wall

A large hole remains where a burglar entered NewBo Shops at 208. (CBS2/FOX28)

The NewBo Shops at 208 were hoping to be back open for business the day after Christmas but instead of customers coming through the front door, they're cleaning up from a burglar coming through the back wall.

“Everything was on the floor we had broken glass a few broken merchandise things,” says Co-owner Jennifer Morris as she looks over the scene in the back corner of her shop. “They just put the insulation back up but you could see into the building next to us,” adds Morris.

The crook first broke into a neighboring building, stole some tools, then busted through the drywall to her business.

With all that work the thief only got about $40 to $50 from the register.

This is not the first business burglary in the NewBo Neighborhood.

Nearby 965 Guitar shop has also been burglarized multiple times this year.

Neighborhood leaders say they have worked closely with police to combat the problem.

“Everybody needs to keep an eye out for themselves, for their businesses and the good news is we haven't seen any violent crime, it's always been a lot of this petty theft,” says former Neighborhood Association President, Steve Shriver.

He says even in this tight knit area security is key.

“Having an alarm system, having cameras inside your businesses, having cameras outside looking at the perimeter,” says Shriver.

Now Morris just wants to get back to business as usual.

“We weren't able to open today so we lost a day’s worth of business not sure about tomorrow,” says Morris.

The owner of the building next door says the tools stolen from his property amount to about $1,400.

If you have any information on the breaking or the stolen items contact Cedar Rapids Police at 319-286-5491.

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