Mount Trashmore overlook, trails open to the public

    The peak of Mount Trashmore stands at 948 feet. (CBS2/FOX28 Reporter Eva Andersen)

    Thursday, September 13 at 12:00 noon, Cedar Rapids officials cut the ribbon at Mount Trashmore, officially opening the site to the public.

    There are three separate trails for biking and hiking. It’s a 15 to 20 minute rigorous walk up to the peak elevation of 948 feet. There, you'll find the spectacular view, where you can see all of Linn County, complete with terrace seating.

    The Solid Waste Agency says people are already asking to take engagement and team photos there, and soon, they're expecting someone to even want a wedding there.

    But as it is still a working landfill site, they urge caution at the entrance.

    "The yard waste trucks from the City of Cedar Rapids, landscapers, residents with a lot of brush [are] going to be coming in that same entrance as walkers, and bicyclists," said Joe Horaney, communications director for the Solid Waste Agency. "We want everyone to know that they’re sharing that road. So we do have limited parking on site. There are some spaces there, but we want people to know that if you do have to park, you will be crossing traffic. Be on the lookout for truck traffic and the business customers."

    Also to stay safe, stay on the trails. There are over 50 gas wells to vent the methane gas from the decomposing materials.

    Lastly, there will be no driving allowed to the top, so bring your bike or your hiking shoes.

    Hours change daily and will be posted here on their website.

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