Mom, Dad, and Deputy reflect on unexpected delivery

    photo courtesy Johnson County Sheriff's Department

    A corridor newborn just couldn't wait to enter the world this week. Fortunately, one deputy stepped in when Mom and Dad couldn't reach the doctors in time. Titeus and Kyrra Miller were expecting their second child when Kyrra thought she was going into labor. But she had been through this before and didn't think there was any rush. So she called husband Titeus at work at Riverside Casino and told him not to worry, they'd just drive to the hospital when he got home.

    But when he did, things did not go as planned. "The second I walked through the door, her water breaks, so I ran everything out to the car and take off toward the University." Said Titeus. The couple headed north on Highway 1 from Washington to the University of Iowa Stead Family Children's Hospital. But they only got as far as the Kalona Cheese Factory.

    "I just felt him coming and I'm like this isn't gonna make it." Said Kyrra. So Titeus called 9-1-1 and the dispatcher helped him through the delivery. It wasn't long before the couple had a new baby boy, but the newborn was purple and not making any noise.

    "He wasn't crying like he was supposed to, so there was a lot of fluid in his face." Said Kyrra. That's when Deputy Doran Williams arrived on the scene. "Cleaned out his mouth, he did have some fluid in his mouth and I just cleaned it out with my hands, cleaned out his nose and basically got him mad and got him crying." Said Deputy Williams.

    A short time later, paramedics arrived to take Mom, Dad and baby to the hospital. Now they are all home, healthy and happy but, most of all, relieved.

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