Melting snow and a foggy Thursday

Predictor forecast for Thursday afternoon.

Warm air is coming back to eastern Iowa and will chip away at the snowpack. Temperatures will be well above freezing again Thursday afternoon. As warm air moves in over the cold, snowy ground the snow will melt and fog will form with the added moisture in the air.

Models show areas will likely see visibility dropping to under a mile at times creating hazardous travel conditions overnight and in the early morning.

Dense Fog Advisories have been issued for portions of the area, and more advisories may be needed through he night.

Thursday will be another mild day across eastern Iowa with highs once again in the low 40s. There may be a few light rain showers as well.The mild temperatures will quickly melt a good amount of our snow cover. But later in the afternoon, a cold front will bring cooler and drier air into the area which will bring and end to the fog and usher in much colder temperatures with lows in the low teens Thursday night and highs only in the low 20s on Friday.

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