MedPharm Iowa answers Corridor's questions on medical marijuana

Around 500 iowans already have access to medical cards under the state's nine qualifying conditions.

Soon Iowans who meet certain criteria will be able to buy medical marijuana in the form of cannabidiol in the state.

Yet, there are still questions on how the process will work and exactly who can purchase it.

On Thursday, patients, physicians and caregivers had the opportunity to ask those questions of MedPharm, one of two companies who will have manufacturing facilities in the state. Medpharm will be based in Des Moines.

"Unfortunately, it seems like not enough patients still know enough about this program," said Lucas Nelson, Lead Consultant for MedPharm Iowa.

Nelson said around 500 Iowans already have access to medical cards under the state's nine qualifying conditions, but he hopes they can help others identify how they could qualify.

"After you turn that [online] application in and get your card from the department of's with that card that you can actually walk into the dispensaries," he said.

Nelson said physicians cannot prescribe cannabidiol products only certify access to medical cards.

Patients will then be issued their dosage of product at the dispensary.

"You'll actually go through a full intake with our patient consultants, have discussion about what symptoms you're trying to treat," said Nelson.

By explaining the research behind cannabidiol that will be available, he hopes this will put physicians concerns at ease.

"I think will hopefully increase the amount of doctors that are willing to certify," said said Nelson.

MedPharm said there are still limitations on dispensaries for patients and who can be issued a card, which are both challenges they are hoping to fix in the upcoming legislative session.

Nelson said MedPharm on schedule to start distributing and selling medical cannabidiol in dispensaries across the state by the required date of December 1.

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