Marshalltown survived, now it tries to move on from EF-3 tornado

Debris lays on the ground after a tornado hits downtown Marshalltown.

The city of Marshalltown is just the latest Iowa community to try to find a sense of normalcy after disaster hit the town in the form of a tornado packing 144mph winds. But everyone who surveyed the damage, met the survivors and lived through the storm themselves agree, they are up to the task.

"I haven't heard one person complain or swear, or anything, there was a lot of crying last night and some this morning, but now things are starting to move along." Said Pat Petit, a downtown business owner.

Stories of survival are being told all across town. One relief worker shared the story of a Lennox worker who locked arms with 14 other workers around heavy machinery in order to prevent being sucked out by the tornado.

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