Marion police enforcing zero tolerance on fireworks before 4th of July


The Marion Police Department is making sure residents follow the city's rules on fireworks use before 4th of July. Currently it is illegal to use fireworks within city limits unless it's on fourth of July from noon to 11.

"A Couple of officers are working overtime hours in the evening and overnight addressing the fireworks complaints and if they respond to a call or if they come across the call themselves that person is not going to get a warning," Tom Daubs, the public information officer with the Marion Police Department said.

Through this Sunday Marion police has already received 161 complaints regarding fireworks. Six of those have resulted in an arrest as the department is pursuing a zero tolerance policy when it comes to shooting off fireworks outside of the legally allotted time. A two officer task force is also set aside to only respond to fireworks related incidents. They have been working since last Tuesday to make sure citizens stick to the rules.

"With the structured fireworks allowance there are some people that take advantage of that they are not waiting for the fourth of July," Daubs said. "Don't be shooting of fireworks unless it's from noon to 11 on the fourth of July."

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