Manchester deals with latest round of flooding

    Flooding in Manchester of Thursday, March 14, 2019

    For the 10th time in less than 18 years, the Maquoketa River in Manchester topped 17 feet Thursday, sending water over Highway 13 and shutting down the primary road through town. Area residents are almost used to the impacts flooding like this creates, even turning out to see it for themselves. "I guess this is what happens," said Katie Mitchell. "I mean it's been flooding forever."

    Dave Reiss and his wife own Bushel and a Peck, which happens to be in one of the lowest points along the river. With the road to his business shut down, few if any customers are making their way in. "People are shy and I don't blame them," said Reiss. "Today after the road closed it quieted right down, that's just how it goes I guess." Reiss opened his business a month ago and he's already dealing with his second flood. All part of the reluctant acceptance that this is the new normal for Manchester.

    Check out our exclusive SkyView Drone coverage of the flooding in Manchester:

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