Man who suffered from sexual child abuse runs across the country to help others

Christian Griffith, 47-years-old, is now running across the U.S. to raise $1 million dollars in an effort to aid children like him who are sexually abused.

A report by the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network shows a child is sexually assaulted in the United States every 8 minutes. That was the case for one man who is looking to put an end to that by running across the country.

His name is Christian Griffith and at his stop in Ladora, Iowa, he's a little over 1,000 miles into his journey. He still has 2,000 more to go, but for him that number doesn't even compare when thinking about the more than thousands of children his mission will impact.

"I run a half marathon, then I run a 5k, then I rest. Then I run another half marathon, then I run another 5k, and then I sleep for the night," said Christian Griffith.

This routine has been apart of Griffith's daily schedule since March, when he decided to use his love for running to raise money for a cause he's familiar with: child abuse.

"I was molested as a kid from 13 and 14 years old," said Griffith.

Griffith says for the last 30 years, his abuse has been an experience heavily haunting him--mostly because of the lack of treatment available then.

"If you're an abuse survivor--that happened to you, it's not going away," said Griffith.

Instead of pushing it to the back of his mind, Christian Griffith started his journey called Run2Heal with the global foundation, Help for Children.

"They're actually providing grant dollars to local organizations that are actively working towards prevention and treatment of child abuse," said Griffith.

The goal is to raise $1 million dollar for treatment and prevention facilities. His journey will take him from New York through 11 states, where he will end in California. Along the way, he hopes to not just raise money but awareness as well.

"Right here, at the Ladora Stora, the proprietors asked what we were doing and we told them and they gave us a 20," said Griffith.

His main goal, though, is making sure people who experienced the same nightmare as he did know they are not alone.

"There is help out there. We just need to be able to provide that to people," said Griffith.

Griffith expects to be out of Iowa by the end of this week and completely done with his journey in August. So far, he's raised around $200,000. If you'd like to donate, you can go to the Run2Heal donations page here.

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