Man charged in Lake Delhi vehicle death pleads not guilty

Joshua Juengel is charged with reckless riving, making a false report, leaving the scene of an accident, and homicide by vehicle (Delaware County Jail)

A man accused of homicide by vehicle after a body was found in a vehicle that plunged into Lake Delhi has pleaded not guilty.

Joshua Juengel entered the written plea of not guilty on Tuesday.

The Delaware County Sheriff's Office was called to the lake on Jan. 8th, after a vehicle went through the ice near the north end of the lake.

Rescue crews found the vehicle upside down in about eight feet of water. An underwater camera revealed 23-year-old Alex Salow of Delhi inside.

Investigators says Juengel was with Salow was in the vehicle when it went in the ice, which contradicts statements given to them by Juengel. They also found evidence showing the vehicle was being driven recklessly. Delaware County Sheriff John LeClere says there were tire marks on either side of where Salow's vehicle broke through the ice that indicates the vehicle was spinning doughnuts.

Juengel's next court date has yet to be determined.

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