Local town comes together after a family loses everything

Christina Kirchmann (right) hugging Sally Deeb (left) a day after she and her family lost her home.

The people of Springville are more than just neighbors. They're more than just friends. They're a family and that's just what showed when a few of their own lost everything.

"We came back and won by 14 points I think. It was just an amazing feeling," said Kelly Kirchmann, a Sophomore basketball player at Springville High School.

This feeling should've lasted for Kelly and the Springville Orioles Girls basketball team Saturday night after winning their state championship game, but it didn't.

"My coach pulled me out. When she told me about it I just kind of broke down because I honestly didn't expect anything like that to happen," said Kirchmann.

Kelly learned her house caught on fire and completely burned down. She didn't know what to expect when coming home, but it certainly wasn't the entire town coming together.

“The second we heard it wasn't even a thought. It was ‘We're family. What are we going to do to take care of our family?’” explained Dee Wagaman, one of the player’s mom.

What should've just been a celebration for the team's win became a celebration overwhelmed by acts of compassion that started with the team.

“Every hug I gave them they're like, 'Did you get something done? Are you doing something?' They weren't focused on themselves at all. It was 'What are we doing for kelly?’”, explained Wagaman.

That same compassion also came from the people of Springville.

“People are crawling out of the woodwork wanting to help and that's just so amazing,” said Sally Deeb, owner of Sally’s on Broadway, a popular restaurant in the town.

Donations poured in to Sally Deeb's restaurant that same day. Clothing and food were continuously dropped off at the school on Sunday. Love and support went the Kirchmann family's way.

“The Springville Girls basketball team has a motto. It's called, ‘play hard, do what we do, and love each other',” explained Deeb.

This motto was certainly embraced by the entire town.

“It's just amazing because I have a whole community there standing right behind me ready to help at anytime,” expressed Kirchmann.

After the celebration, the team took the family into the back of the gym, where they revealed to the Kirchmann’s that a home for the next six months was ready and waiting for them, with the first month’s rent paid off.

Donations can still be made either at Sally Deeb’s restaurant or to the Exchange State Bank in Springville.

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