Local middle school students take time to feed Haiti

Eighth graders at LaSalle Middle School spending an hour on Friday, February 2nd, packing boxes of food for families in Haiti.

At LaSalle Middle School, each grade takes up their own service project to be completed within that school year. While some grades chose projects around the area, the eighth grade class decided to do something a little less local.

“We’re filling up bags for the people of Haiti,” said Keely Pilcher, an eighth grader at LaSalle Middle School. “From rice, to vitamins, to vegetables, and soy.”

From pouring grains of rice into bags and sealing them shut, the class provided helping hands for a cause they’re passionate about.

"It's a good feeling to know that they're going to get food because some of the people aren't as fortunate as us,” said Joe Tucker, another eighth grader.

The Saint Jude Parrish’s Haiti Committee bought the half ton of food the class used to fill their bags. The pastor at their sister church in Port-Au-Prince will receive the food, before packing it up and delivering it to a little town.

"We try to send food wherever the need is greatest,” said Joe O’Leary, one of the leaders at Cedar Rapids Take Away Hunger.

The eighth graders aren’t making the trip to deliver the food. O’Leary made the trip a few years ago, though, and still refers to it as life-changing.

"There really aren't words to explain how you feel when you see little kids gathering around the truck,” said O’Leary.

It’s those very same faces that keep Joe and the eighth grade class at LaSalle Middle School motivated.

"Once you see that you're hooked for the rest of your life,” said O’Leary. “You can't ever get that picture out of your eyes."

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