Local food delivery services see more business with colder temperatures

    Employees at the Scooter's Coffee off of Edgewood Road say they continued to see a good amount of people at their shop despite it being so cold out. <p>{/p}

    Many food delivery companies in places with colder temperatures are seeing an increased amount of business.

    While many restaurants closed on Thursday due to the frigid temperatures, it was just another normal day at Scooter's Coffee off of Edgewood Road.

    "It's been a lot busier than usual and I think it has a little bit to do with the cold," said Skye Reece, a barista at Scooter's Coffee.

    Reece believes the food, drinks, and overall feel of the eatery is keeping business going on a day other restaurants in the area are either closed completely or closed earlier.

    "They'll come in. They'll just sit and hang out--it's a nice warm place," said Reece.

    Another reason some eateries and restaurants are seeing good business on a colder day, the use of delivery services throughout the area. Bite Squad says they have seen a lot of business since the beginning of the week.

    "From Monday's numbers, our deliveries are up by 12% when compared to last week on Monday," said Joshua Ciha, a lead driver with the Bite Squad team that services both Cedar Rapids and Marion.

    On normal days, there's usually a lull between lunch hours and dinner hours. With colder temperatures, delivery requests are steady throughout the day, which means many providers have to call on back-up.

    "We'll send out an SOS message where any available drivers will come in and take orders if they can," said Ciha.

    For delivery services like Bite Squad, nothing much changes when it's as cold as its been. Their mission is still the same: to get hungry people their food.

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