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Local author wants sustainability to be your New Year's resolution

Local author makes it her mission to educate about sustainability{ }
Local author makes it her mission to educate about sustainability
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As we head into 2023, many people are starting to plan their New Year's resolutions.

A local author has made it her mission to get more people to incorporate saving our planet into their New Year’s plans.

Lori Myren-Manbeck is the author of the book "You Can Save the World, In Fact, You’re the Only One Who Can."

She is making it her mission to educate people on resolutions that will save the planet and their wallet.

"Doing this is about empowering people and telling people that we can actually make a difference,” said Myren-Manbeck.

She said we can all make small changes that can go a long way, and one of those changes is conserving water.

"There's so much we can save as far as washing clothing and it also helps our clothing stay longer. So as far as economical it keeps our clothing longer if we wash it less.
Being conscience of how long you're staying in the shower. And even reducing it by a minute cuts your water bill," she said.

The Iowa native said she incorporates her career as a psychologist into her work to save the planet.

"Believing you have power, whether you're 90 and your power is still to connect with your family, or you're 20 and you're trying to figure out how to create a sustainable future for your children, it's the same story of feeling powerful in what you do,” said Myren-Manbeck.

So, how important is sustainability to the rest of us?

Many people have said they want to incorporate living a more sustainable lifestyle in 2023, in hopes of making the world a better place for generations to come.

"We live in D.C. now, but I used to live here. It's a lot more expensive in general there. So we looked at solar panels and stuff like that for our house," said Hannah Snyder.
"I’ve grown up with the climate crisis and everything and I see the world around me and understanding a little bit more like how we impact the environment and how it'll impact our living especially in the next like, however many years," said Sophia Forliti

Myren-Manbeck shared other tips to use in 2023.

One of those, is to do maintenance on your car to help it last longer and to use less gas.

Another tip has to do with your wardrobe.

She said to consider paying a bit more for clothes and fabrics, such as hemp, that will last longer to avoid shopping often.

If you go to a restaurant, she recommends bringing a glass take-home container to avoid using Styrofoam.

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Click here to buy a copy of Myren-Manbeck’s book.

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