Library staff collecting hats & gloves for homeless

A collection of hats and gloves gathered at the Cedar Rapids Public Library. (Photo by Photojournalist Jason Meyer)

Staff at the Cedar Rapids Public Library are collecting hats, scarves and gloves for the homeless during the cold winter months.

Hollie Trenary, operations manager at the library, says they've already gave items to more than 50 people this winter.

Trenary says it's especially important during the bitter-cold winter months, "so on nights like tonight, we're going to have a lot of people standing out here to get on the overflow shelter bus and a lot of them don't have hats or gloves or anything to protect them from the cold weather."

The library staff hopes to continue this service until the end of the winter and encourages anyone to donate any old hats or gloves to the cause, especially for men.

Donations can be dropped off at the downtown location on 5th Avenue SE.

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