Lebowski's set to open its doors once again

Lebowski's Bar and Grill in Robins closed it's doors in January.

Less than two months after closing its doors, the only restaurant in Robins plans to reopen. Lebowski’s Bar and Grill made the announcement on Tuesday night.

When Lebowski's opens in a few weeks, it will have the same look and feel as it did before, with only a few differences--like the future possibility of Sunday brunch being served.

"We're just kind of working on some drink menus and maybe adding a couple new menu items,” said Missy Walton, a manager under the new ownership.

Missy Walton and her son Justin Canny are two of the new managers at Lebowski’s. They have been spending the last few weeks getting everything ready for its re-opening.

"People told us it was a great place before and had great food. We just want to follow through and do as well as they did,” said Justin Canny, referring to the former owners.

The bar and grill shut down in January. The previous owners said last year's road construction was too big an obstacle to overcome. Since then, the city says its looked for ways to help the restaurant re-open its doors.

"We just wanted to do whatever we could to encourage something to happen and for Lebowski's to re-open,” said Robins Mayor Chuck Hinz.

The new owners include two brothers and a close friend. A majority of the food on the menu will remain the same with the possible addition of gluten free items.

While Walton and Canny are prepared to start their new jobs, they say nothing compares to the feeling of bringing back a place their city loves.

"It's just an awesome feeling to be a part of something that this community is looking for and excited to come back,” said Walton.

Lebowski's is expected to re-open on April 15th. If anything does change, updates will be posted on the restaurant’s Facebook page.

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