Latest crest forecast on the Cedar, still well below '08 levels

    Crest forecast along the Cedar

    There have been little changes to the forecast along the Cedar River. Crests will be occurring over the next three days and flooding is already happening in some locations.

    Crest forecast along the Cedar

    Major flooding is already happening in Cedar Falls and will crest Sunday morning. The expected crest of 95.3' would be the sixth highest crest in Cedar Falls, but still nearly seven feet below the record crest of 102.1' in 2008.

    The water will travel downstream through Waterloo, Vinton, Palo and Cedar Rapids between then and Tuesday afternoon. During this time the water will be moving fast and some roads and parks will experience flooding.

    Cedar River forecast on the Cedar River

    The expected crest of 17.4 feet is higher than the crest on September 9th (15.55'), but it will not even be in the top 10 highest crests on record. And this crest will be about half the height of the historic crest of 2008 (31.12').

    Crest comparison for 2018 versus 2008 in Cedar Rapids

    Click here to see how the city is preparing along with closures due to the flooding.

    There are other rivers experiencing flooding in eastern Iowa. The Turkey River crested in Spillville, Elkader, and Garber and will return to normal levels by the middle of next week. The Wapsipinicon and Iowa rivers will also be high over the next week.

    Crest forecast on the Wapsi and Iowa rivers

    There is no rain in the forecast through Monday, then only light showers are expected next week. That will allow for most rivers to get back down to typical levels by the end of next week, with the exception of the Iowa River.

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