Johnson STEAM Academy Students Show off Science Skills

Johnson STEAM Academy students show off science, humanitarian skills

The future of technology was in the hands of elementary schools students on Friday afternoon.

Johnson STEAM Academy hosted their first STEAM Expo for parents to see what the little minds have been up to, from brainstorming community service projects to building solar systems and making movies.

Ms. Audrey Witte's second grade class took the opportunity to showcase how they would help the public with problems specific to Cedar Rapids.

"Our class brainstormed ideas that are going wrong in Cedar Rapids and then we crossed out ones that we couldn't really fix," Rhiannon Thompson, second graders, said.

"We're not only using problems that we have in our text, but we're using real life problems so we brought it into Cedar Rapids problems," Witte said.

They explained their plans on helping adults and children in hospitals, protecting animals from getting hurt and donating food items to homeless shelters.

In Ms. Katie Heiderscheit's third grade class, the students were spaced out with their International Space Station project.

"We looked and researched different science experiments that were happening in the ISS, along with what their space suits looked like, what the food was like in space," Heiderscheit said.

Ms. Brittany Murphy's fourth grade class was shocking - literally.

"Their task was to develop a project that was powered by electricity," Murphy said. "It's been great to have them work through their frustrations."

Some students said it was primarily about the fun, but they learned some other valuable lessons, too.

"We learned it's about teamwork, about responsibility, no bossing around, but all we know is this is really fun," Valencia Burdette, fourth grader, said.

Parents and community members were invited to attend the open house.

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