Johnson County woman sees opportunity to bring Spanish version of Coco to the corridor

A completely dubbed, Spanish version of Coco is showing in select theaters nationwide. For a limited time, Marcus Coral Ridge has three showings in Spanish this weekend.

The Coral Ridge movie theater is offering a new way for families to enjoy the new animated movie, Coco.

The Disney/Pixar moving is quickly gaining popularity, and, at least for now, Coralville is the only place Iowans will be able to see it in Spanish.

Brianna Janssen-Sanchez, Director at the Language Media Center at the University of Iowa, helped bring a Spanish showing to Iowa.

"People know there is a need here there's a large Spanish-speaking population." said Brianna Janssen-Sanchez

However, there are not many opportunities for families to watch movies together in Spanish in the corridor, which includes her own.

"My husband's from mexico, and we speak Spanish from home," she said. "What motivated this project was actually my family.

Bringing Coco to life in Spanish was important because she said it is a film about Mexico that is culturally accurate.

She reached out to theaters before the movie came out to bring a Spanish version close to home.

"I sent emails, i made phone calls, and I sent Facebook messages. Everybody said yes, let's try," said Janssen-Sanchez.

She received a lot of community support for an experience more can enjoy.

"To actually go to a movie in Spanish, and be surrounded by that excitement in your native language is really exciting."

It is something the theater knows movie goers have buzzed about.

"Even vendors in the food court, a lot of them are Spanish [speakers], and they're [asking if we'll] show this movie in Spanish, and so we're lucky that we are," said Laura Hart, General Manager of Marcus theaters Coralville.

As the only theater in the state to do this, Hart said this will be a unique opportunity for business.

"I don't think we've actually had a foreign language film at our location," she said.

She said Coco could be the movie to change that.

"The turnout of Coco will really determine if we're going to be able to show more movies that are either in Spanish or even just any foreign language," said Hart.

"I think access to world languages and cultures is important to all of us," said Janssen-Sanchez.

Coco will be showing the weekend of December 1st. Showings include Saturday at 11:30 a.m., Sunday at 1:30 p.m., and Monday at 2:30 p.m.

The general manager says if these times sell out, they will consider adding more showtimes on future dates.

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