Iowan filmmaker hits funding goal for documentary about sex trafficking in Iowa

Gridshock is a documentary that will tell the stories of survivors of sex trafficking in Iowa. (photo courtesy of Vanessa McNeal)

An Iowan filmmaker just hit her $35,000 goal for a film about sex trafficking in Iowa. Gridshock director Vanessa McNeal wants to tell the story of sex trafficking in our state, and shine a spotlight on the depth of the problem. McNeal tells CBS 2/FOX 28 news that she's overwhelmed with gratitude and looking forward to giving survivors a voice. She wants to thank the 270 donors (and counting) who are helping to make Iowa a better place.

While they hit their goal, they can still use more help. To contribute, visit the indiegogo page.

For most up-to-date news, visit the Gridshock Facebook page.

You can also find information on their website.

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