Iowa Startup Accelerator marks it 4th "Launch Day"


On Thursday entrepreneurial teams of the Iowa Startup Accelerator took the stage to share their visions with a crowded Paramount Theater.

It marked the 4th annual Launch Day celebration by the Cedar Rapids group.

The Iowa Startup Accelerator began as a 90-day program to build up starting companies.

Now they are engaging entrepreneurs on a higher level.

they are working with us for at least a year,” says Managing Director David Tominsky. “Once they start it's pretty intensive for the first 90 days but we are explicit that we're looking to work with the teams’ long term.”

This commitment attracts teams from across the Corridor and the country.

Cedar Rapids based Urbie is taking a digital twist to the traditional farmer’s market.

“Local food producers can post items for sale as they have them available and then people nearby can see those posts and then order online,” says Urbie CEO, Jacy Rittmer.

The site already has a few vendors signed up and they will be holding a special launch event at Newbo City Market.

Missouri based software company Noviqu is creating digital solutions to industrial problems.

“If a maintenance request needs to be made you can simply scan a QR code on any machine and send a request straight to the technician,” Explains Anna Haney, CEO of Noviqu.

This only scratches the surface of what their software solutions can do.

The team sees so much value in the Accelerator program that they regularly commute to Iowa to complete the program.

“We’ve got nice warm introductions with potential customers, they've helped us out with marketing or sales whatever it is that we needed somebody has been there to help us,” says Haney. “It has accelerated our growth tenfold,” she adds.

Their company has already been working for about 4 years and they already have Frontier Co-op as a major Corridor client.

One team came from New York to advance their idea for an online funeral and memorial planning platform called Funeral Direct.

CEO, Armani Goens draws motivation from his own life.

“I actually was in this experience last year when my grandfather passed away,” says Goens. “We opted for a funeral home and we had a pretty good experience but I saw the shortcomings in the industry,” he recalls.

He wants the site to connect families with funeral resources in a setting that can compare prices.

It also encourages memorials to beheld outside the traditional funeral home in setting that better reflect a loved one’s personality.

These are just 3 of the year's 8 creative companies launching toward success.

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