Iowa law allows for teachers to be armed in schools

Iowa teachers can be armed in schools only if they have permission from school district leaders.

As talks continue in the United States over arming teachers in schools, CBS 2 News learned that there's already an Iowa law that allows it.

Iowa Code 724.4B says teachers can legally bring a gun onto campus if they get permission from the school district.

Only law enforcement or someone in the military can bring a gun into a school building. Anyone else who brings a firearm inside--without permission from the district--is committing a felony.

CBS 2 News reached out to a number of school districts in the corridor to hear their thoughts on this law. One school official says one of the most important features of this law is the freedom it gives each district.

"It still comes back down to what do you want to do inside your own district on those types of things there," said Ken Crawford, superintendent of Lone Tree Schools. "Some people are very much on one side of the fence saying yeah it is a great thing and other people are totally different."

The Lone Tree Schools superintendent also feels with proper guidance, school can already be prepared without arming teachers with guns.

"Your doors are locked. Everybody's got a badge. You buzz people in during the day. You have administration in the hallways; you have teachers knowing if there's somebody. You have training going on," said Crawford.

CBS 2 News spoke with the Iowa Department of Education this afternoon, who says as far as they're aware there are no school districts in the state who have teachers bringing firearms onto campus.

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