Iowa DOT shares new Hiawatha interchange plans

Tower Terrace diverging diamond plan. (Courtesy Iowa DOT)

The Iowa Department of Transportation is working on plans for I-380 interchanges at Tower Terrace Road and Boyson Road.

Hiawatha city leaders say both interchanges are critical to reducing congestion and will benefit development.

The Tower Terrace interchange is on the Dot’s 5-year plan and is slated to start in 2022.

It's expected to take about three years to complete but it still needs federal approval before work can begin.

Right now the DOT is working with 2 designs for the project; one is a traditional diamond interchange and the other is a newer design called a diverging diamond.

Planners say the diverging diamond design helps traffic flow more efficiently.

The Boyson Road interchange rebuild is not scheduled yet but both projects are important for the expansion of corridor communities and the interstate its self.

"We also see a need to widen I-380,” says District 6 Transportation Planner Cathy Cutler. “We could fit 6 lanes of I-380 under the current Boyson Road bridge but we really think we want to make it expandable and have the most optimum design, so that's leading us then to build Tower Terrace as a traffic relief so when we do need to take Boyson Road out of commission and then do a new bridge there,” she adds.

All three proposed designs for the Boyson Interchange are variations of the diverging diamond design.

A public hearing on the proposals will be held in late 2018.

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