Iowa County boy defying odds in battle with epilepsy

Ean Gorsh, 8, collects a pass during a basketball practice at English Valleys Elementary on Thursday, November 2.

Ean Gorsh is getting back to being a typical eight-year-old.

He and his English Valleys basketball team started their season last weekend - and Ean got to bring the ball up the court with his team a couple of times.

That might not seem like much - but for a kid who isn't even supposed to be able to walk right now, it's a borderline miracle. Ean has spent a good chunk of his life battling epilepsy.

"His seizures were pretty dangerous. They were at night. They were long," his mother Teri says. "He vomited, so that was a huge risk."

Ean had a surgery to hopefully get rid of the seizures. It only made things worse.

"We got home 17 days later and he started having seizures - except now they were daytime seizures," Teri says. "He would just be walking and fall down."

"Takes away a lot of what a normal 7-or-8-year-old kid would do," his father Zach adds.

Then in January, Ean had a surgery that disconnected the right side of his brain - costing him a lot of functionality on the left side of his body. But it worked - he hasn't had a seizure since.

No seizures means basketball season is a go. No seizures means Ean dribbling up the court to massive applause.

"It was a special moment for me as a coach too to see him wanna do it," his coach Steve Axmear says. "All his buddies rally around him. He's an inspiration to these little guys."

"He's doing amazing," Teri says. "Every day, he surprises me - and I'm sure he's gonna keep on surprising us."

"It was all worth it," Zach adds.

The next focus for Ean: expanding his hoops game.

"I think he's gonna try to shoot," Teri says. "I think we're gonna start practicing."

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