Iowa City looking to citizens for input on climate plan

Workshop participants react to a question from a speaker.

After introducing Iowa City's climate action plan to city council earlier this month, the Climate Action Steering committee looks to the people of Johnson County to see how and what they need to do to reduce the regions carbon footprint by 80 percent come 2050

"There is no silver bullet, there is only silver buckshot," Ingrid Anderson, Chair of the committee said. "If you have a lot people doing a lot of things that chip away at the problem that starts to bring things down."

The 13 member committee has developed a 25 step plan to combat the city's emissions. From increasing public transportation to encouraging businesses to go green, the plan is a comprehensive strategy to help Iowa City and Johnson County stay on track when it comes to climate change.

"Any time you have a community wide effort, the city can only do so much for implementation but you really need it buy in from your community," Anderson said. "We want to get those people involved on the front end before we develop implementation plans so they can be part of that planed development."

The workshop offered participants a look at what the city wants to accomplish but most importantly it involved them by breaking into smaller groups collecting suggestions on what needs to be executed once the plan is finalized. The different group collected suggestions that will be passed on to the committee for consideration.

"I learned a lot and I think it's important to look at the goals that they have set up and I think they are not too ambitions." Mary Beth Versgrove, a workshop participant said.

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