Iowa City group addresses street harassment

Addressing street harassment

This week people all around the world are celebrating International Anti-Sexual Harassment week including one group in Iowa City.

The members of End Street Harassment - Iowa City plan to spread awareness concerning street harassment through music, poetry, art and support groups.

This is the second year the group has held events for Anti-Sexual Harassment week. Throughout the week the group will hold seminars and events educating people about street harassment.

The Des Moines group, Transformative Healing, and other organizations representing the LGBTQ community will also be present. says street harassment increases in the Spring months because of the longer days and warmer weather. The groups have been planning events for weeks.

"In the past few months we created an interactive map online where people could document the harassment that they have experienced," said End Street Harassment -Iowa City member Stella Hart. "And so we will be going to those places and putting up markers and showing people where harassment has happened in our community."

Tonight events will kick off with 'Not in my Community,' it's a musical event featuring punk bands and spoken word at Public Space One in Iowa City.

To learn more about this week's event click here.

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